Release Notes

Important Notice:
✩Some texts disappear in the Dark Mode on Mac OS (Mojave and Catalina). Please use in Light Mode (2019/11/30).

✩MusicXML data exported by softwares other than MuseScore should be imported to and exported by MuseScore. After this process, the MusicXML data will hopefully become more friendly with JapoScore.
(An evaluation of musicxml file produced by Finale, Sibelius, and Dorico is summarized on this page (in Japanese only). Finale seems to be the best.)

JapoScoreV.3.2.4 (2019/11/30)
+ Diplay of stage brackets can now be switched on/off from Page Dialog.
+ Start and stop positions of slurs are tuned.
+ Mac SDK and Qt SDK for Mac are updated to latest versions. (Mac OS Catalina is not tested yet.)

JapoScoreV.3.2.3 (2019/11/28)
– Import MusicXML New or Part Dialog aborts (a bug in V.3.2.2).
(If you already installed V.3.2.2, you MUST update it to V.3.2.3, Sorry!)
+ Stage bracket symbols at each stage are shown if the score has multiple parts.

JapoScoreV.3.2.2 (2019/11/27)
+ Import and Export commands are now issued from Import/Export Dialog.
+ Import Update command is split to Import Update All and Import Update Pure. Import Update All command compares all elements including directives (which JapoScore exported) and fingerings. Import Update Pure command does not compare directives and fingerings.
+ Fingering information is now processed by JapoScore. Fingering numbers (1-5) and “–” (which can be input on MuseScore but not on Finale) are treatd. Mulitple “–“s are converted to a line.

JapoScoreV.3.2.0 (2019/11/13)
+ “Line” (solid, dashed, dotted lines with otional brackets at end points) can be displayed.
+ Slurs can now be moved even if they are split among stages by dragging the first slur segment.
+ Crescend and diminuendo can now be moved even if they are split among stages by dragging the first segment.
+ After long rests (8 rest notes), Kan and Otsu mark will be displayed on the note again as if the note is the beginning note.
+ For Tozan, “Kara” note names (“KaraMeri”, “KaraChuMeri”, and “Meri”) are added.
+ Tozan’s Suri Mark (“Tozan Suri”) can be put on notes from Directive menu.
+ Initial (default) positions for various symbols are changed slightly. Caution: Scores saved by older versions will not produce exactly same layout.

JapoScoreV.3.1.4 (2019/10/27)
– A tempo symbol in “Note = Note” style is not displayed and causes program stop when saving.
– Breath and inserted symbols after a repeat symbol are not displayed.
+ Refresh display command is added.
+ Split slurs are now movable.
+ Split crescendo and decrescendo are now movable.
– and other minor bugs.

JapoScoreV.3.1.2 (2019/9/10)
+ Vertical writing for Japanese language is improved. “。” “、” and parentheses such as “()” and “「」” are automatically converted to characters such as “︵︶” and “﹁﹂” which are suitable for vertical writing. (Note: Text beginning with a dot “.” is written vertically if the measure direction is vertical.)
– Repeat marks for successive notes is not displayed when the score direction is horizontal (solved).

JapoScoreV.3.1.0 (2019/6/30)
– “Dark Mode” of MacOS Mojave is now rendered correctly.

JapoScoreV.3.0.9 (2019/6/7)
– Program stops at a tie stop note with tremolo (fixed).

JapoScoreV.3.0.8 (2019/5/28)
– The position of a Tozan small note is corrected.

JapoScoreV.3.0.7 (2019/5/27)
+ Font file “JapoScoreStaff02.ttf” is updated. Reintall it.
Character hight is smaller than that of the former one.
+ Offset for tremolo symbols is independently changed from Style dialog.
– Size of articulation symbols (such as fermata) is improved.

JapoScoreV.3.0.6 (2019/5/15)
– Tuplet terminal position is tuned.
– Rehearsal marks, repetition marks, and tempo marks does not disappear even if some of parts are not output.
+ Staff note names for a chord can be layout in reverse order (by style settings).
+ Rest representation for koto and sangen ikuta is improved.
+ Short hands at every 16th time can be displayed (by part settings).

JapoScoreV.3.0.5 (2019/5/7)
– Tuplet position by Style settings
– Arpeggio position after piciccato note
– Slur position change (when multi voiced)
+ A style file (”koto_shamisen_A”) suitable for Koto or Shamisen notations is added.
+ Operation for adding directives is changed to single clicking from double clicking on directive in the menu.

JapoScoreV.3.0.4 (2019/4/30)
– Tozan’s whole note is sometimes wrongly rendered.
+ A new font (Tozan_Feltpen_Circled) for Tozan is added. Flat notes (small notes) are encircled.
+ When this font is selected, this is used for the staff note output.
+ In staff note output for Shamisen Bunka, notnames are displayed at lyric positions corresponding string numbers on shamisen.

JapoScoreV.3.0.3 (2019/4/26)
The font file JapoStaff.ttf is updated. Reinstall it if you use “Export pure MusicXML with Note Names ..” command.
+ Tie Stop note output control for Staff Note output.
+ Improved Scale Setting Dialog.
+ Improved note repetition mark.
+ Several others.

JapoScoreV.3.0.2 (2019/4/19)
– Long Repeat mark “く” cannot be deleted (fixed).
+ The font for measure numbers is now bold and italic.
+ Larger “To Coda, D.S., D.C., and Fine” marks.
+ Font shape for Sangen_Ikuta is changed. Suri (“ス”) glyph is now on the left of the note name.

JapoScoreV.3.0.1 (2019/4/18)
+ Tremoro representation on JapoScore was changed. A waved line is rendered beside tremolo notes. The line is movable. Tremolo units are not represented.
– On Windows, opening files by drag & drop does not work (fixed).
– Koto note names “Oshi+” and “Oshi++” were converted incorrectly. “Oshi+”>”ヲ” and “Oshi++”>”オ” are correct conversions. Old files which uses these names should be corrected manually (sorry!).

JapoScoreV.3.0.0 (2019/4/10)
Notice: Names of plugins are changed. Please execute
plugin generation and activation for new plugins.
Font file “JapoScoreStaff.ttf” should be installed if you use “Export MusicXML with note names” command.
Delete old shakuScoreStaff.ttf.
– For measure where rests are omitted (Finale, Sibelius), note positions are incorrect.

ShakuScoreV.2.8.5 (2019/3/29)
– Glissando staring a chord note is not generated.
– Note output off mode outputs directives.
– Beam of Kinko is sometimes incorrect at the first stage.
– Others.

ShakuScoreV.2.8.4 (2019/3/25)
– Texts in the title area are now handled correctly.
+ The shape of glissando is improved.
– Glissand or Slide staring from a chord note is now generated.
+ “+” and “V” signs on the staff note will generate “Sukui” and “Hajiki” sign with or without the note name depending on whether the previous note pitch is the same as the current note or not。

ShakuScoreV.2.8.3 (2019/3/23)
– A bug (notations are not displayed, V.2.8.2) is fixed.

ShakuScoreV.2.8.2 (2019/3/22)
– Texts in the title area (Title, subtitle, and so on) are now correctly handled even if they have multiple lines.
– The length of “long repeat” “く” is improved.
+ Adjacent voices are set apart a bit.

ShakuScoreV.2.8.1 (2019/3/20)
– A bug (notations are not displayed) is fixed.
+ Slurs, ties, and beams become invisible for notes inside a long repeat “く”.

ShakuScoreV.2.8.0 (2019/3/18)
+ Arpeggio mark is added after chord notes (not before).
– Text on a graced note is position at not grace but note after grace notes.
+ Scale data can be copied and pasted.
– Mordent and Inverted-mordent are exchanged.
+ “+” and “v” signs on the staff notes will be handle by ShakuScore for Koto and Sangen notations.
+ others.

ShakuScoreV.2.7.9 (2019/3/6)
– ShakuScoreStaff.ttf is revised (“I” note is not rendered (fixed).)
The font must be re-installed.
– In Koto notation, a quarter and half (dotted) note is not rendered correctly (fixed).
+ A “+” mark (‘Muted (closed)’ on MuseScore) on a staff note will be interpreted as Pizzicato in Koto notation and as “Hajiki” in Sangen notation.
+ A “V” mark (‘Up bow’ on MuseScore) on a staff note will be interpreted as “Sukui” in Koto and Sangen notations and rendered as such.
+ For Sangen_Ikuta notation, notes of highest pitches(string 3 13~15) are now available.
+ The size of Rehearsal Marks can be changed via Style Setting Dialog (in Measure tab).
+ The grey background of Rehearsal Marks is half transparent.
+ UI of Plugin Generation Dialog is improved.
– An articulation overlapping a note can be selected and moved.
+ A single character (staff) text is not rotated in vertical writing.
+ etc.

ShakuScoreV.2.7.8 (2019/2/20)
– When “D.S.”, “D.C.”, or “Fine” is moved, it’s position is not saved correctly.

ShakuScoreV.2.7.7 (2019/2/19)
+ Consecutive notes in a measure can now be replaced with long repeat mark.
Select one or two notes and then double click Long Repeat directive under Controlls tree.

+ Notes can be transposed with a transpose directive. Specify number of half steps to a note. Successive notes in the part will be transposed.
+ “To Coda” is now rendered with a graphic symbol not a text.
– Rendering of dotted notes is improved.

ShakuScoreV.2.7.6 (2019/2/12)
+ “Save as Original File Name” command was added.
+ Offset for tuplets can now be specified from Style Dialog.
+ Log Dialog for logging execution status was added.
+ Output control of all rest measure now controls the output of each voice independently.
+ Dynamics symbols were added.
  sf,sfz,sffz,sfp,sfpp.rfz,rf,fz (sff,m,r,s,z,n are not supported yet.)

ShakuScoreV.2.7.5 (2019/2/6)
+ Export pure MusicXML with Note Names command was added. This command outputs note names in lyrics which will be displayed on MuseScore.
・Install ShakuScoreStaff.ttf font (included in the install folder).
・Set Staff Note on Part Dialog checked to produce staff notes.
・Set Start Lyric Number greater than 1 if the part has lyrics.
・Font size of staff notes can be set from the Style Dialog’s Measure Tab.
-+ Maximum number of staffs per part is now 8 (formerly 2).

ShakuScoreV.2.7.4 (2019/2/1)
+ The popular notation style “Bunka-Fu” for Nagauta was supported. A sample file “Sakura_Shamisen_Bunka.sscx” is included in this release. The special playing techniques (Sukui, Hajiki, Utsu and fingering number I, II, and III) can be specified on notes using corresponding note directives.

ShakuScoreV.2.7.3 (2019/1/27)
– The font file of “Koto_Seiha” is updated.

ShakuScoreV.2.7.2 (2019/1/26)
+ Notation style “Koto_Seiha” is supported.
+ Scale directives for Koto 20 Strings, 25 strings, and 25 string for low tuning are now available.
String names for these scales are taken from Koto Score on MuseScore. Thanks to Tachibana-san (the site’s owner).

ShakuScoreV.2.7.1 (2019/1/11)
+ MuseScore 3 is supported with ShakuScore plugins. Please select “V3” on MuseScore Plugin dialog which show up at the startup of ShakuScore to use MuseScore 3.
+ ShakuScore can now import Finale’s MusicXML file(*.xml) directly.
– ShakuScore stops if only a subset of chord notes is tied with other notes. The program stop is now avoided, but might produce wrong results. Messages will be output. Please avoid partial tieing of chord notes.
+ Grace notes for rear tapping sound can be rendered by slurring notes between the normal note and its last rear tapping sound note. Rear tapping notes will be aligned to the normal note.
+ Tozan’s rest notes’ shape are improved.

ShakuScoreV.2.7.0 (2019/1/9)
+ “up-bow(V)” on MuseScore is converted to “Sukui(ス)” in Koto notation.
+ In Koto notation, note names “Osu+(オ)”, “Osu++(ヲ)”, “Osu+++”, “Hanasu(ハ)” are now selectable.
+ For Koto notation, three note directives are added: “Chirashi-Zume(curved left arrow)”, “Waren(left arrow)”, and “Oshi(up arrow)”.
+ Tozan’s small (flat) notes’ size can be tuned from Style dialog (Note tab).
+ Repeat marks will not be used if preceding measure does not have corresponging voice.
– Several other small changes.

ShakuScoreV.2.6.9 (2019/1/6)
– “Inhibit repeat” directive does not work for a chord note (fixed).
– A crescendo mark for chord notes causes a program stop (fixed).
+ Up/down/left/right key now scrolls the score window.

ShakuScoreV.2.6.8 (2019/1/3)
+ Layout Controller dialog was added. Frequently used and useful layout setting values can be controlled on this dialog.
+ Tie start positions are now at the tail of note (not at the head of the note).
+ The positions of notations for Tozan notation are aligned.

ShakuScoreV.2.6.7 (2018/12/28)
+ Import Update command is now executable between scores of different numbers of measures.
+ Multiple texts of titles and etc. can be selected and their font settings can be changed.
+ Font sizes of part names become smaller.
+ Font display sizes for multiple voices are controlled more appropriately.
+ “Import Dup” is renamed as “Import Imitate”.
– Directives now cannot be assigned to rest notes (because they cannot be exported to MusicXML).
– Positions of notes are improved (for cases when measures are compressed).

ShakuScoreV.2.6.6 (2018/12/20)
+ Tuplets are now drawn to the left of notes (in vertical writing), to the top of nots (in horizontal writing).
+ All tuplets are drawn in curves (not line segments).
+ Miyata font shapes are imporoved.
+ Coda and segno became bigger a little.
+ D.S., D.C., Fine, and To Coda are not rotated even if in the vertical writing.
– Copyright info. of scores made by MuseScore will not be imported to ShakuScore (e.g. deleted) to avoid that MuseScore generates a copyright text (even if the generated text is deleted) from a musicXml file exported by ShakuScore.

ShakuScoreV.2.6.5 (2018/12/10)
+ “Close Scores on Left Tabs” command is added.
– Layout Error of Insert Page/White Break command is fixed.
– Export MusicXML command outputs illegal code if a note has lyrics and directives (fixed).
– Note output information (on Part dialog) is not saved (fixed).

ShakuScoreV.2.6.4 (2018/12/8)
+ On the part dialog, even if the note output is suppressed, the part is not collapsed (formally collapsed). You can make lyrics part (without notes) by checking off Note Output and checking on Lyrics Output.
+ Chord notes and multiple voices are handled nicely in the Kinko_Trad
+ Ru is added to ChirMeri as an alternate note name.
+ Texts are positioned to the right (vertical measure) or to the top (horizontal measure) of notes.
+ Directives can be added to rest notes.
+ Ending numbers are now positioned on the outside of measures.
+ Miyata font is improved.
– Kan-Otsu generation for Kinko notations was incorrect (fixed).

ShakuScoreV.2.6.3 (2018/12/3)
+ When measures are layout vertically, lyrics are rotated 90 degrees if rotate 90º is selected or vertically layout if Vertical Writing is selected (on Measure/Page dialog).

ShakuScoreV.2.6.2 (2018/11/17)
– Scale data for Sangen is not saved correctly (fixed).
– Tied chord notes cause program stops (fixed).
+ Some default values are changed.

ShakuScoreV.2.6.1 (2018/11/6)
– Save command aborts if a measure has multiple voices and multiple texts (fixed).
+ “Ra” (= RoKari in pitch) font is added for Shakuhachi notations.
+ A whole rest is expanded to n quarter rests if the time signature is n/4 for Kinko_Simle, Fue, Koto, and Sangen notations.
+ Shinobue numeric font is revised. Tow dots of the second high register (DaiKan) notes are placed vertically (not horizotally).
– Other several small bugs are fixed.

ShakuScoreV.2.6.0 (2018/11/4)
1.Part dialog
+ [Align Notes in Time] is moved from Page dialog to Part dialog.
+ Part output control is added.
+ Note output control is added.
2.Page dialog
+ Renamed as [Measure/Page dialog] and redesigned.
+ All three dialogs (Part, Measure/Page, and Style) are now modeless, allowing other window’s operation to be executed independently.
3.Import command interface is redesigned.
+ Three commands: Import MusicXML New, Import MusicXML Dup, and Import MusicXML Update.
+ Introduction of “Template” (a whole set of settings data of a score) for Import MusicXML Dup command.
4. Others
– Kinko’s font HiGoChuMeri is not rendered (fixed).
+ Revision of the Handbook.

ShakuScoreV.2.5.0 (2018/10/12)
+ Plugins for MuseScore are significantly changed.
 New plugins are:
They import or export MusicXML files to and from a temporary file. ShakuScore can also import and export to the same temporary file.
For detailed explanation, visit Installation.
+ Following commands are added.
 Import MusicXML from MuseScore
 Import Update MusicXML from MuseScore
 Export MusicXML to MuseScore
 Export pure MusicXML to MuseScore
They import or export from/to the same temporary file which MuseScore plugins access to.
 Refert to Import, Export.

+ Function of Environment for Import command is changed.
  Refert to Import.

ShakuScoreV.2.4.1 (2018/10/1)
– In Koto-Ikuta notation, positions of rests and repeat marks are improved.
– In Koto-Ikuta notation, n/8th time signature measures are wrongly rendered.
– In Koto-Ikuta notation, triplets on a half duration note are wrongly rendered.

ShakuScoreV.2.4.0 (planned on 2018/9/27)
+ Import Update processing was improved for Title, Subtitles, and others.
– Time Signature size can now be changed.
+ Slant lines on Tozan grace beams are displayed somewhat larger.
+ Coda and segno marks are now displayed somewhat smaller.
+ Rehearsa marks are now displayed somewhat smaller.
+ Tempo marks are now displayed somewhat smaller.
+ Tempo marks are not rotated by 90 degrees for vertical scores.
– Size of grace notes for “meri” (flat) in Tozan was too small (fixed).
– When slurs are split among separate lines, latter parts were missing (fixed).
– When crescendo and dicrescendo are split among pages, shapes were incorrect (fixed).

ShakuScoreV.2.3.9 (2018/7/10)
– Note Name Change Dialog ’s OK button causes the program to stop (Windows version).
– Note Name Change Dialog ’s Cancel button changes the name.
+ Disply Time Signature and Display Measure Bar Lines can be switched on and off separately.

ShakuScoreV.2.3.8 (2018/6/29)
– Note Name Change Dialog’s OK or Cancel button does not work or causes the program to stop in some cases.
+ The shape of “Nayashi” is updated.

ShakuScoreV.2.3.7 (2018/6/26)
– A number of measures after multiple rests are not displayed for scores with multiple parts.

ShakuScoreV.2.3.6 (2018/6/15)
– Beam generation was wrong for rest notes in Tozan notation (the fix of V.2.3.5 was incomplete).

ShakuScoreV.2.3.5 (2018/6/12)
– Beam generation was wrong for rest notes in Tozan notation (degraded in V.2.3.0-2.3.4).

ShakuScoreV.2.3.4 (2018/6/10)
+ Size and position of Ending Number are changed.
    (Ending Numbers are not movable.)
+ Coda, To Coda, Fine, etc. are rotated in vertical writing direction.

ShakuScoreV.2.3.3 (2018/6/5)
– In Koto and Sangen notations, there are cases that ShakuScore abnormally stops (fixed).

ShakuScoreV.2.3.2 (2018/6/3)
– In Tozan notations, some notes lack beams (degraded in V.2.3.0 and V2.3.1).

ShakuScoreV.2.3.1 (2018/6/1)
+ Updates for MuseScore 2.2
MuseScore 2.2 exports MusicXML files with file extension “.musicxml” (not “.xml”). ShakuScore’s file operations are updated as follows:
* Import MusicXML and Import Update MusicXML commands can import MusicXML files with extension .xml and .musicxml.
・Export MuiscXML command exports a MusicXML file with extension “.musicxml”.
・Plugin file are updated. You MUST install MuseScore 2.2 (if not done yet) and “generate musescore plugin” command from Help (on ShakuScore).
– A font shape of Shakuhachi_Tozan is changed (”ヰ” to “井”).

ShakuScoreV.2.3.0 (2018/5/13)
+ Beams of rest notes are connected to preceding and succeeding note on the conditions that:
n/4 beat measure (3/4, 4/4, 2/4, ..) : two successive notes are within quarter beat time frame.
3*n/8 beat measure (6/8, 9/8, 12/8, ..): two successive notes are within 3/8th time frame.
– Directive Insert “(” does not work. Fixed.

ShakuScoreV.2.2.9 (2018/5/9)
– Several bugs fixed related note names.
+ Some fonts are improved in shape.

Known problems and bugs:
1. Plugins for ShakuScore do not work on MuseScore2.2.1. MuseScore2.1.0 is OK. Other versions are not tested.

ShakuScoreV.2.2.8 (2018/5/5)
+ Notation style Sangen_Ikuta is supported.
+ Tuplets other than those without brackets are now drawn with a curved line and numbers.
– Lyrics words are now adjusted vertically or horizontally.

ShakuScoreV.2.2.7 (2018/4/29)
+ Koto_Brush font is impoved and Koto_Brush_Callig font is added.
+ Shakuhachi hole number directives are added.
+ Directives of Kan, Otsu, and Breath enclosed in parenthesis are added.
+ Tuplets not with brackets are now drawn with curved lines (like slurs).

ShakuScoreV.2.2.6 (2018/4/26)
– The position of text, kan/otsu, and lyrics, when moved,
are not accurate (fixed).
– Note name changed does not work if it is already changed (fixed).
+ Font geometries are changed (TsuChuMeri, Hi, HiChumeri, Ri, Ro of Kinko_Simple_Brush and Kinko_Brush.)

ShakuScoreV.2.2.5 (2018/4/15)
+ Import Update MusicXML command’s output score’s file name becomes “OldFileName_upate.sscx” instead of “OldFileName.sscx”.
– Position of part name and part abbreviation name.
+ Font geometry changed. (U in Kinko_Simple_Brush and Kinko_Brush)
– Default position of Lyrics.
– Default position of Texts.

ShakuScoreV.2.2.4 (2018/4/5)
– Import Update MusicXML command loses line-breaks, page-breaks, white pages, and measure scale factors (fixed).
– Directive symbol positions move after the file saved and reopened (fixed).
+ Display of slurs can be switched off (from Part dialog).
+ Font geometries are updated.
(Kinko_Brush’s ChiMeri, TsuMeri, and ThuChuMeri.)

ShakuScoreV.2.2.3 (2018/3/23)
+ Import Update MusicXML command came back!
*This command compares the most recently saved (or opened) shakuscore file with the imported MusicXML. Only measures (and credit texts (like a title)) which are updated are merged with the old file. This command is executable only if these two files contain the same numbers of parts and measures.
* On MuseScore, “Export Update To MuseScore” command exports the current score to a temporary file and start a new ShakuScore program which “imports updates” the file when started.
* Do not forget to perform “Generate MuseScore Plugin” from Help Menu of ShakuScore. On MuseScore, you must enable two plugins (“Export To ShakuScore” and “Export Update To ShakuScore”) using Plugin Manager before you use these plugins.
– Credits’ text font data was not saved (fixed).
+ Names of ExportMusicXML commands are changed.
 ”Export MusicXML” outputs MusicXML data with directives (as fingering text data). Use this command if you plan to go back to ShakuScore after editing on MuseScore in order not to lose directive data.
 ”Export pure MusicXML” outputs MusicXML data without directives. If you plan to make a printed score in staff notation on MuseScore, this command is the right command.
+ Tie stop note can be displayed as bars if “Use Bars” in “Tie Stop Note Style” is checked. In that case, tie marks are not displayed.

ShakuScoreV.2.2.2 (2018/3/20)
– Position data (after movement of elements) was not saved. Fixed.
(V.2.2.0 was degraded.)

ShakuScoreV.2.2.1 (2018/3/20)
V.2.2.0 was incomplete, please replace it with this version.
– Save command does not include directives data.
– Export MusicXML(with directives) command does not include directives data.

ShakuScoreV.2.2.0 (2018/3/19)
– Export MusicXML (with layout) command (supported from version 2.1.02 ) was deleted because of some reasons. New Import Update command (currently deleted) will soon be supported.

ShakuScoreV.2.1.03 (2018/3/14)
– Rest note position bug in Tozan notation (fixed).
– Zoom center position bug (fixed).

ShakuScoreV.2.1.02 (2018/3/11)

+ Export MusicXML commands are changed as below:
There are three types of Export MusicXML (and Export To MuseScore) commands.
1) Export MusicXML
This command is the same as Export MusicXML (with Layout) in V.2.1.01.
2) Export MusicXML (clean)
Outputs original MusicXML data only (without directives and
position and credit font data).
3) Export MusicXML (with directives)
Outputs with directives.
When “Export MusicXML” or “Export To MuseScore” commands are performed, “Environment for Import” is set to “current Part/Page/Style settings”.
+ When measures are reduced to the length less than the minimum length, note fonts are also reduced so that fonts do not overlap.
+ Scroll commands
Rotating mouse wheel scrolls score window up or down. If Shift key is being depressed, scroll direction is left or right.
+ Repetition mark for notes.
Select note name “Repeat” to display Repetition mark.
+ Added directives
Scales for Koto 13, 17, 21 strings and others.
– Positions of Kinko’s note side dotes are aligned.
– Page dialog texts are changed for simplicity.
– Some other bug fixes.

ShakuScoreV.2.1.01 (2018/3/2)

+ Export MusicXML (with Layout) and Export To MuseScore (with Layout) commands are added. These commands append position data of some items to MusicXML data so that position information is restored when the date is later imported to ShakuScore.
For items below, position data is exported along with MusicXML data.
*Symbols of movable directives.
*Credit texts (Title, Subtitle, Composer, etc.)
+ Export MusicXML (with Layout) and Export To MuseScore (with Layout) commands also set [Environment for Import] to [Current Part/Page/Style values], anticipating that the exported data will soon be imported.
+ In Kinko_Simple and Fue, tie stop note is displayed as bars, irrespective of their durations.
Tuning and bug fixes for:
– Kinko dot positions.
– Lyrics positions.
– Dot positions.
– Breath mark positions.
– Directive positions.

ShakuScoreV.2.1.00 (2018/2/19)

+ Installation without the Installer
* The downloaded file no longer includes the installer program.
* The plugin for MuseScore can be set on ShakuScore by executing “Generate MuseScore Plugin” in “Help” menu.
* Please refer to Installation description in the handbook.
+ A directive for specifying “Pizzicate” on notes is provided, which draws circle symbols on note symbols in Koto_Ikuta notation. Select notes and double click “Pizzicate” directive under “Attributes” tree. The red “+” symbols appear besides notes. You can delete “+” symbols to reset.
+ For tie-stopping notes, “bar” (short line) symbols are used (not note fonts) in Kinko_Simple and Fue notations.
+ For a note with tremolo single with “eight through stem“, a symbol of repeated dots is used, whereas for others, a symbol of waves is used.

ShakuScoreV.2.0.05 (2018/2/11)
– Bug fix for inserting Directive Symbols.

ShakuScoreV.2.0.04 (2018/2/9)
+ Insert Spacer between notes.
 Thin spaces are inserted before every note of which time is at quarter (or one and a half quarter time for 3*n/8 beats) unit. The size of space can be changed from Style Dialog. This will improve readability of the score in Kinko_Simple and Fue.
+ Directives for shakuhachi playing effects are added.
+ Tie stoping notes in Kinko_Simple and Fue are now displayed in bars
(not ties).
+ When tremolo single is repeated by 8th (with single line), a symbol of repeated dots is used.
+ Note name change command can be performed for plural selected notes.
+ Font shapes of Kinko_Simple_Brush and Kinko_Brush are improved.
+ Positions of symobols for dotted note (bars or dots) are tuned.

ShakuScoreV.2.0.03 (2018/1/30)

– Note name “Koro” is not displayed in vertical writing. Fixed.
– Tozan meri(flat) note sizes are tuned (a little larger).

ShakuScoreV.2.0.02Beta (2018/1/27)
– Bug fix of missing tie stop at the beginning of stage.

ShakuScoreV.2.0.01Beta (2018/1/27)

+ Vertical writing for Japanese text string.
    When the score direction is vertical, title and others of the score, texts of notes and lyrics can be displayed in vertical writing (for such as Japanese) if the text string starts with a dot (“.”). Non-proportional fonts are recommended for this.
+ Fonts for note texts and lyrics can be set in Style dialog.
+ Arpeggio can be displayed.
– Position tuning for part name, directive symbols, and tuplet numbers.
– Bug fix (Koto Ikuta tie processing).
– Bug fix (Koto Ikuta abort case)
Hopefully, next release will be without “beta”.

ShakuScoreV.2.0.00Beta (2018/1/17)

ShakuScore Version 2.0.00 Beta was released!
This release includes major enhancements such as support for chords, multiple-voices, notation for Koto, and directive commands for notes:
+ Display of chord notes.
+ Mulitple voices(for Koto and etc.)
+ Ikuta style koto notation.
+ Input of scale notes (for Koto).
+ Directive commands for note.
+ Note name change by a directive.
+ Inhibit note repeat mark by a directive.
+ Different part widths for multiple part score.
+ Export To MuseScore (directly open score in MuseScore).
– Import Update command was removed.
Please refer toShakuScore Handbook (soon to be translated and uploaded.) for details.

ShakuScore V1.2

ShakuScoreV1.2.14 (2017/11/19)
(11/21 20:12) On Mac, unzip of the download file failed. This problem was fixed.

+ Slurs can now be moved by dragging when they are not split across stages.
Bug fix for drawing multiple slurs (i.e. more than two slurs on one note.)
Bug fix for slurs when they are split across more than two stages.
+ Directives can now be added on grace notes on MuseScore. For example, add a text “.<directive_name” on the normal note after a grace note, this directive effects on the grace note in ShakuScore. Specifying two “<” s specifies the grace note at two note before the normal note. (Note: On MuseScore, text attributes can not be put on grace notes.)
+ In Kinko notation, repetition marks (“Prev” (short for previous note)) for consecutive same notes are used, but now, it is not the case for grace notes or the note after breath marks.
+ In Kinko notation, the name of notes can be changed to “Prev” as an alternative name.
In Kinko notation, a bug on Kan-Otsu generation is fixed.
+ Sample files using the Kinko notation are replaced to ones using “Prev” marks.

ShakuScoreV1.2.13 (2017/10/30)
– Step 1 of Installer for Mac fails in some cases. (fixed)
+ Geometry of the white dot (“Goma Ten”) besides not of Kinko style was made a little larger.
– Bug fix of page setting for 2 facing pages.

ShakuScoreV1.2.12 (2017/10/14)
+ Display of part names can be switched off.
+ Part abbreviations can be displayed above each stages. You can also specify to display it only above the first stage.
 To control display/non-display of part names, part abbreviation, measure numbers, switch checkboxes in display switches on the page dialogue.
+ Crescendo and diminuendo marks can be moved by dragging if they are not split across two stages. (Note: If a red guide line is not displayed while dragging, the dragging operation does not work! Please try clicking different positions on the marks to make sure that a red line is displayd.)
– Alignment by time was improved in accuracy for shorter (16th) notes.
+ All sample files are revised.
+ Intervals between multiple black or white dots for notes in Kinko style were made a little wider.
– Navigator window was improved (so that no white background area appears).

ShakuScoreV1.2.11 (2017/8/27)
+ Measure Number can be set to non-display. Set it from Page dialog.
– The alternative name ‘Ru’ of ‘Chi’ was missing (added).
– The position of black point of left side on notes in Kinko is tuned (moved to left 10%).

ShakuScoreV1.2.10 (2017/8/23)
– Installer bug fixes.
+ Japanese language UIF for the Installer.

ShakuScoreV1.2.09 beta (2017/8/21)
* Installer program was added.
+ Now you can install ShakuScore program and plugins for MuseScore very easily. Unzip download file and run ShakuScoreInstaller.exe (or on Mac).
– When measures including long rests, program stoped (fixed).
+ Measure selection UIF changed. Ctrl+Click selects an additional measure. Shift+Ctrl+Click selects measures between smallest and largest number measures among selected.
* Important:
From V1.2.09, the folder for plugin files was changed. If old plugin files remained, they may be doubly registered. If MuseScore Plugin Manager displays two ImportToShakuScore and two ImportUpdateToShakuScore plugins, delete old plugin files which may be placed in the following folder:
On Windows, ….¥¥musescore 2¥¥plugins¥¥
On Mac, …./musescore
(On Mac, right-click and display package contents.)
Then, restart MuseScore and enable these plugins from the Plugin Manager.

ShakuScoreV1.2.08 (2017/7/29)
* New (beautiful) note fonts were added.
+ Kinko_Trad, Kinko_Simple_Trad, Tozan_FeltPen
* Chord note
– When a MusicXML file contains chord notes, ShakuScore did not produce correct Score. Now, only the lowest pitch note in each chord is displayed (other chord notes are ignored).
* Part Setting Dialog
– When notation styles are different among multiple parts, note fonts settings fails. Fixed.
* Note fonts
– HiChuMeri of “Kinko_Brush” font was wrong (displayed as Hi), corrected.
+ Several lower (< C3) pitch "Shinobue_Kanji" fonts are corrected. ShakuScoreV1.2.07 (2017/6/26)
* A wrong font was corrected and font directions tuned.
– HiChuMeri of “Kinko_Brush” font was wrong (displayed as Hi), corrected.
+ Orientations of Hi fonts of Tozan were tuned.

ShakuScoreV1.2.06Update (2017/6/9)
*Important: The EXE file was not included in the V1.2.06 for Winodws released on 2017/5/28. Please re-download and install.

ShakuScoreV1.2.06 (2017/5/28)
*Kan and Otsu instructions omitted in some cases. Please replace V1.2.05 with V1.2.06.
+Kinko’s repetition mark positioning.
+Kinko’s white and black dots’ positioning.
+Kinko_Miyata font ReDaimeri geometry.
+Geometries of “Koro” are automatically interchanged when the score direction is changed.

ShakuScoreV1.2.05 (2017/5/24)
(1)Setting note names by directives.
If you put a directive(“.note_name”) on a note using a staff notation editor (such as MuseScore), ShakuScore uses these names for notes when importing the score file. It is very useful for setting alternate names of notes. Refer to Note Table
(2)Note fonts are revised.
(3)Kan Otsu instructions are reset when note names are changed.
(4)Revised handbook
Descriptions for recent functions are included width
Note TableDirective Table. Tables are accessed from ShakuScore top page.

ShakuScoreV1.2.04 (2017/5/9)
(1) Time signatures and measure bar lines can be made undisplayed.
  To do so, uncheck [Display Time Signatures and Measure Bar Lines] in the Style Setting Dialog.

(2) Beams for Kinko style are now displayed as starting the center position of a note to the center of a subsequent note, which is the formal method in Kinko style.

(3) Repeated notes in Kinko style are displayed with repeated note marks.

(4) Fixed omitted Otsu instruction on a Ro note from a previous Ha (Otsu) note.

ShakuScoreV1.2.03 (2017/4/11)
(1) Directives (new function)
Text data beginning with “.” for notes in MusicXML data is processed by ShakuScore as “directives”.
Following directives are supported by this release.
 ”.(” inserts “(” before the note.
 ”.)” inserts “)” after the note.
 ”.ス” or “.su” inserts “ス” after the note.
 ”.~” adds “~” at the note.
Sample files (Directive_Horizontal.sscx, Directive_Vertical.sscx) for directives are added.
More directives will be supported in later versions.

(2) Latest ShakuScore Version Check
At starting the program, if a newer version of the program is available, “About the ShakuScore” dialog is shown to advise to download the latest version. The command [Help] > [About] also checks the availability of update.

(3) Positions of Octave instructions (Kan/Otsu) can be controlled from Style Dialog.
*Scale Factor value scales Kan/Otsu fonts.
*Check [At Bottom (or Wight)] if you want to move Kan/Otsu fonts to the opposite side.
*Offset L and Offset W values move Kan/Otsu fonts in horizontal or vertical directions.
(4) ShakuScore Credit display style is changed.
ShakuScore Credit is displayed at the left bottom corner on the last score page. Its style is:
“By Shakuscore ({current program version}), {current day}”, for example, like “By ShakuScore (V.1.2.03) 2017/04/11”.

(5) Bug fixes
*Positioning of breath-marks at the end of measures (fixed).
*Unexpected measure repeat marks (suppressed).
*Minor tuning of element sizes and positions.

ShakuScoreV1.2.01 (2017/3/2)
Two new functions were added.
(1)Sheets with two facing pages can be set by Page Setting Dialog.Handbook
You can select one such sheet type from:
*A3 Landscape (A4 Portrait x 2)
*B4 Landscape (B5 Portrait x 2)
*JIS 34 Landscape (JIS B5 Portrait x 2)
(2)You can Insert White Page after a selected measure.
(3)Some bug fixes and revised sample files.

ShakuScoreV1.2.00 (2017/2/14)
Several new features were added.
(1) Exporting and importing style files. Standard styles are also provided.
(2) Time tick marks can be displayed.
(3) Duplicate score command.
(4) Improved Import Update command.
(5) Reset note names command.
(6) Others
– Improved part alignment in time.
– MuseScore2 plugin files for Mac were updated. Please reinstall them.
– Sample files were updated.
– Note font files were updated. Low pitch notes were added.
– Stages in the last page will have the same widths as those in the previous page.
– Handbook was updated.

ShakuScore V1.1

ShakuScoreV1.1.11 (2017/1/24)
– The font geometry of Tsu-Chumeri for Kinko was changed.
– Sample files (Notation_Styles and Notation_Styles_Vertical) and were updated.

ShakuScoreV1.1.10 (2017/1/6)
– Program stops when importing scores with slurs, ties, etc. (fixed)

ShakuScoreV1.1.09 (2016/8/8)
– In Kinko/Simple Kinko, if the first note is “Ri”, Kan is displayed.

ShakuScoreV1.1.08 (2016/6/24)
– Unnecessary “Otsu” on Kinko “Ri” notes.
– When imported file is saved, the file name on the tab was not renamed.
+ Shapes of some of Kinko note fonts were tuned.
+ Interval of Kinko’s white and black dots enlarged.
+ Ro Meri note as alternative IMeri.
+ Positions of text are changed to be closer to their referenced notes.

ShakuScoreV1.1.07 (2016/6/19)
(1) Bugs of octave instructions (Kan/Otsu) are fixed.
(2) “I” note of Simplified Tozan is changed to “Hi”.

ShakuScoreV1.1.06 (2016/5/30)
More MusicXML elements are supported:
(1)Metronome sign
(3)Measure repeat sign (%)
(4)Long rest
(5)Centering of whole rests, long rest marks, measure repeat signs.
(6)Adjustment of position of dots.
(7)Tuning of default values.
(8)Adjustment of positions of coda, segno, and etc.
Bug fixes:
(9)Fermatas of rests.
(10)Layout of measures.
Sample files:
(11)Two sample files are added. Some are replaced.
and etc.

ShakuScoreV1.1.05 (2016/5/9)
Extensive enhancements and bug fixes are done from Version 1.0x (2015/10/9). The handbook was rewritten thoroughly.

Please install Version 1.1. and switch to 1.1x.
I apologize that the file upward compatibility was lost from version 1.0x to 1.1x. You can rescue old ShakuScore files by opening them as MusixXML files, though layout data is discarded.

Major enhancements are:
(1)Notation Styles:Conventional Tozan and Kinko are supported. More fonts are added.
(2)Plugins for MuseScore 2 (Import to ShakuScore, Import Update to ShakuScore)
(3)More Sample Files
(4)Text and Symbol positioning
(5)Page Numbering control
(6)Handbook for Version 1.1x
(7)Redesign of User Interface
(8)Export MusicXML
(9)File Property
(10)File version checking
(11)Styling of Measures and Notes
(12)Environment for Importing
(13)Many bug fixes

Known bugs:
* Cannot import a score which includes a rest with a fermata. Will be solved in the next release.