Release Notes

Important Notice:
✩Some texts disappear in the Dark Mode on Mac OS (Mojave and Catalina). Please use the Light Mode (2019/11/30).

✩MusicXML data exported by softwares other than MuseScore should be imported to and exported by MuseScore. After this process, the MusicXML data will hopefully become more friendly with JapoScore.
(An evaluation of musicxml file produced by Finale, Sibelius, and Dorico is summarized on this page (in Japanese only). Finale seems to be the best.)

JapoScoreV.3.4.4 (2020/3/31)
+ Improvements of staff note output.
(You need install staff note fonts to use this feature.)
 + Rest output (for Kinko_Simple, Shinobue, and Koto_Seiha).
 + Beams of note durations (for Kinko_Simple, Shinobue, and Koto_Seiha).
 + Breath and Tremolo symbols.
 + Font shape improvements.
+ Specifying default note names (‘U’ vs ‘ChiMeri Otsu’).

JapoScoreV.3.4.2 (2020/3/23)
– Kan/Otsu labeling bugs (degraded in version 3.3.0) are fixed. 

JapoScoreV.3.4.0 (2020/3/21)
– Tie stop notes cannot be selected (fixed).
+ Windows version is now 64-bit executable (former versions are 32-bit).

JapoScoreV.3.3.9 (2020/3/10)
– Kan/Otsu labeling bugs are fixed. (Kan HiMeri to Otsu HiMeri and others.)

JapoScoreV.3.3.8 (2020/2/22)
– JapoScore stops with illegal data of crescendo/decrescendo. Now JapoScore avoid aborting with such type of data (which is MuseScore-exported data after MuseScore imported Finale-exported data.)

JapoScoreV.3.3.7 (2020/2/17)
+ JapoScore stops with illegal musicxml data exported by KAWAI ScoreMaker (fixed).
– If a long rest measure is at the end of stage, next stage lacks the page number and etc.

JapoScoreV.3.3.6 (2020/2/16)
+ JapoScore stops with illegal musicxml data exported by KAWAI ScoreMaker (fixed).
– The position of the number of long rest measure is tuned.

JapoScoreV.3.3.5 (2020/2/16)
+ JapoScore stops with illegal musicxml data exported by KAWAI ScoreMaker (fixed).

JapoScoreV.3.3.4 (2020/2/14)
– Exporting scores with staff notes aborts in some cases (fixed).

JapoScoreV.3.3.3 (2020/2/12)
+ “Doremi” notation style is supported.
Notes of 7 octaves are rendered.
Refer to the sample file (LastRoseOfSummer_Doremi).
Staff notes for Doremi is not exported.
– A bug fix.

JapoScoreV.3.3.2 (2020/2/4)
+ Staff note output is improved. Beams are out put below note names.
Dots are output for Tozan notation.
 You have to reinstall font file (JapoScoreStaff04.ttf) in the fonts folder to use Staff note output feature.
+ Measure repeat mark (%) in MuseScore is supported.
+ Shapes of Kinko’s fonts (Kinko_Simple_Brush and Kinko_Brush) are improved.

JapoScoreV.3.3.1 (2020/2/? planned)
+ The number of measures per stage can be determined so that lengths of measures are proportional to time duration of measures.
+ The size of dynamics (f, ff, mf, etc.) symbols can be changed.
+ and other a couple of improvements.
– Moving of a trill line (wavy line) aborts in some cases.
– “%” (simile mark) (indicating repeted measures) causes disruption (fixed).
“%” is not supported by JapoScore (because MuseScore does not export “%” explicitly). Measures of % become blank measures in JapoScore.

JapoScoreV.3.3.0 (2020/1/21)
+ Multiple items can be moved together.
+ Moved items can be reset to default positions.
+ Measure scale can be reset to 1.0.
+ Otsu symbol can be changed to ‘”‘ (double quote).
+ Slur ititial positions are changed to the opposite side (left) of notes.
Other several improvements.

JapoScoreV.3.2.9 (2020/1/5)
The font file for staff note output is revised. Please reinstall JapoScoreStaff font (delete the old JapoScoreStaff font and open JapoScoreStaff03.ttf file to install new one.)

+ Note name change dialog is revised (the pull down menu is changed to a list menu).
+ Notes for Kinko are added (Fu, To, Ni, Nu, Na,..). They are specific to Yamaka style.
+ Notes for Tozan are added (Ra, Rin, Fu, U, ChiKari).
+ The font file for staff note output is revised to include newly added notes listed above.
The page Know Problems is added.

JapoScoreV.3.2.8 (2019/12/30)
+ Positions of articulations are now exactly aligned.
+ Whole rests in n/8th beat measures in Kinko_Simple and Fue are now represented with quarter rests and dots (instead of western whole rest symbols).
+ Initial positions of tempo symbols are tuned.
– A bug of Kan and Otsu size control by style settings is fixed.
– A bug in moving repeat symbols (D.C., D.S., Segno, Coda, Fine, and To Coda) is fixed.

JapoScoreV.3.2.7 (2019/12/19)
+ 6 variations of long repeats are supported.
+ Tenuto accent(detached-legato) of musicxml is converted.
+ Harmonic of musicxml is converted.
– Import Update bug (slurs are not updated) is fixed.

JapoScoreV.3.2.6 (2019/12/9)
+ Long trill marks (in musicXML) can now be converted.
+ Lines with “~” leading text (in musicXML) can now be converted to wavy lines as long tremolo marks.
+ Positions of slurs’ both ends are tuned.
+ Notes of “Fu”, “Ni”, “To”, “Na” used for Yamakawa style are added for Kinko and Kinko_Simple notations.
– “Lines” (brackets and dashes in musicXML) are not saved.

JapoScoreV.3.2.4 (2019/11/30)
+ Diplay of stage brackets can now be switched on/off from Page Dialog.
+ Start and stop positions of slurs are tuned.
+ Mac SDK and Qt SDK for Mac are updated to latest versions. (Mac OS Catalina is not tested yet.)

JapoScoreV.3.2.3 (2019/11/28)
– Import MusicXML New or Part Dialog aborts (a bug in V.3.2.2).
(If you already installed V.3.2.2, you MUST update it to V.3.2.3, Sorry!)
+ Stage bracket symbols at each stage are shown if the score has multiple parts.

JapoScoreV.3.2.2 (2019/11/27)
+ Import and Export commands are now issued from Import/Export Dialog.
+ Import Update command is split to Import Update All and Import Update Pure. Import Update All command compares all elements including directives (which JapoScore exported) and fingerings. Import Update Pure command does not compare directives and fingerings.
+ Fingering information is now processed by JapoScore. Fingering numbers (1-5) and “–” (which can be input on MuseScore but not on Finale) are treatd. Mulitple “–“s are converted to a line.

JapoScoreV.3.2.0 (2019/11/13)
+ “Line” (solid, dashed, dotted lines with otional brackets at end points) can be displayed.
+ Slurs can now be moved even if they are split among stages by dragging the first slur segment.
+ Crescend and diminuendo can now be moved even if they are split among stages by dragging the first segment.
+ After long rests (8 rest notes), Kan and Otsu mark will be displayed on the note again as if the note is the beginning note.
+ For Tozan, “Kara” note names (“KaraMeri”, “KaraChuMeri”, and “Meri”) are added.
+ Tozan’s Suri Mark (“Tozan Suri”) can be put on notes from Directive menu.
+ Initial (default) positions for various symbols are changed slightly. Caution: Scores saved by older versions will not produce exactly same layout.

JapoScoreV.3.1.4 (2019/10/27)
– A tempo symbol in “Note = Note” style is not displayed and causes program stop when saving.
– Breath and inserted symbols after a repeat symbol are not displayed.
+ Refresh display command is added.
+ Split slurs are now movable.
+ Split crescendo and decrescendo are now movable.
– and other minor bugs.

JapoScoreV.3.1.2 (2019/9/10)
+ Vertical writing for Japanese language is improved. “。” “、” and parentheses such as “()” and “「」” are automatically converted to characters such as “︵︶” and “﹁﹂” which are suitable for vertical writing. (Note: Text beginning with a dot “.” is written vertically if the measure direction is vertical.)
– Repeat marks for successive notes is not displayed when the score direction is horizontal (solved).

JapoScoreV.3.1.0 (2019/6/30)
– “Dark Mode” of MacOS Mojave is now rendered correctly.

JapoScoreV.3.0.9 (2019/6/7)
– Program stops at a tie stop note with tremolo (fixed).

JapoScoreV.3.0.8 (2019/5/28)
– The position of a Tozan small note is corrected.

JapoScoreV.3.0.7 (2019/5/27)
+ Font file “JapoScoreStaff02.ttf” is updated. Reintall it.
Character hight is smaller than that of the former one.
+ Offset for tremolo symbols is independently changed from Style dialog.
– Size of articulation symbols (such as fermata) is improved.

JapoScoreV.3.0.6 (2019/5/15)
– Tuplet terminal position is tuned.
– Rehearsal marks, repetition marks, and tempo marks does not disappear even if some of parts are not output.
+ Staff note names for a chord can be layout in reverse order (by style settings).
+ Rest representation for koto and sangen ikuta is improved.
+ Short hands at every 16th time can be displayed (by part settings).

JapoScoreV.3.0.5 (2019/5/7)
– Tuplet position by Style settings
– Arpeggio position after piciccato note
– Slur position change (when multi voiced)
+ A style file (”koto_shamisen_A”) suitable for Koto or Shamisen notations is added.
+ Operation for adding directives is changed to single clicking from double clicking on directive in the menu.

JapoScoreV.3.0.4 (2019/4/30)
– Tozan’s whole note is sometimes wrongly rendered.
+ A new font (Tozan_Feltpen_Circled) for Tozan is added. Flat notes (small notes) are encircled.
+ When this font is selected, this is used for the staff note output.
+ In staff note output for Shamisen Bunka, notnames are displayed at lyric positions corresponding string numbers on shamisen.

JapoScoreV.3.0.3 (2019/4/26)
The font file JapoStaff.ttf is updated. Reinstall it if you use “Export pure MusicXML with Note Names ..” command.
+ Tie Stop note output control for Staff Note output.
+ Improved Scale Setting Dialog.
+ Improved note repetition mark.
+ Several others.

JapoScoreV.3.0.2 (2019/4/19)
– Long Repeat mark “く” cannot be deleted (fixed).
+ The font for measure numbers is now bold and italic.
+ Larger “To Coda, D.S., D.C., and Fine” marks.
+ Font shape for Sangen_Ikuta is changed. Suri (“ス”) glyph is now on the left of the note name.

JapoScoreV.3.0.1 (2019/4/18)
+ Tremoro representation on JapoScore was changed. A waved line is rendered beside tremolo notes. The line is movable. Tremolo units are not represented.
– On Windows, opening files by drag & drop does not work (fixed).
– Koto note names “Oshi+” and “Oshi++” were converted incorrectly. “Oshi+”>”ヲ” and “Oshi++”>”オ” are correct conversions. Old files which uses these names should be corrected manually (sorry!).

JapoScoreV.3.0.0 (2019/4/10)
Notice: Names of plugins are changed. Please execute
plugin generation and activation for new plugins.
Font file “JapoScoreStaff.ttf” should be installed if you use “Export MusicXML with note names” command.
Delete old shakuScoreStaff.ttf.
– For measure where rests are omitted (Finale, Sibelius), note positions are incorrect.

Release Notes (up to version 2.8.5)