JapoScoreV.4.8.7 (2024/7/17)
+ Position of dots after quarter or 8th rest note.
+ Position of note after upper_flaged note.
+ Color of navigator’s displayed aread rectangle.
+ Height of trill wave height.
+ Smaller size of “Prev” (repeated) font (for KinkoTrad notation)
+ Position of page numbers is fixed at bottom of each page.

JapoScoreV.4.8.6 (2024/6/11)
– Lyrics are not output (fixed).
If lyrics are still not output, do the following:
Style setting > Note > Lyrics Position > Offset (Time Direction) (Set this value to a small value.)
JapoScoreV.4.8.5 (2024/6/2)
– Import MusicXML Update command aborts (when ornaments or articulations are added).

JapoScoreV.4.8.4 (2024/5/24)
+ Lyrics position can also be set in time direction from the style setting dialog.
+ Lyrics connected with syllabic hiphens are connected with lines.
– Lines between lyrics (positions not aligned.)
+- others.

JapoScoreV.4.8.3 (2024/4/22)
+ Copy and Paste Settings commands are added.
– Template related commands are depricated. Copy and Paste Settings commands can be used for the same purposes.
+ Moving elements with arrow keys are improved.
– Koto-Seiha Kin-White(巾) font is defined.

JapoScoreV.4.8.2 (2024/4/9)
+ Added white space symbols (for both before and after a note)
+ Added bar symbol for notes
– Added ReDaiMeri note name for Tozan kan note

JapoScoreV.4.8.1 (2024/4/7)
+ “JapoScoreStaff.ttf” font is revised. Please reinstall it (if you use output note names to lyrics).
+ Gray parentheses: notes between gray “(“, and “)” are rendered in gray color.
+ White space can be inserted before a note.
+ Added Kinko “Ra” note font
+ Added Kinko “Ru” symbol
+ Added Bracket symbols “「」”
+ Added ReDaiMei note fon for Tozan
– Orientation of title texts (bug fix)
– Orientation of note texts (bug fix)
– Reference points of title texts (bug fix)
– Kinko triangle and circle dots (bug fix)
– Note output off: beams (bug fix)

JapoScoreV.4.8.0 (2024/3/17)
+ View Recent or View Samples command: icons of files are enlarged.
– Credit texts and note texts starting with “.” (bug fix)
– Export with note names: parentheses for grace notes (bug fix).

JapoScoreV.4.7.9 (2024/3/8)
+ Repeat symbols (Coda, Segno, D.C., Fine, etc.) can be scaled up or down. Their orientation can be switched between horizontal and vertical.
+ Vertical writing of texts and credit texts can specified from the context menu.
– Export command with note names: wrong “()” characters for grace notes are corrected.

JapoScoreV.4.7.8 (2024/3/5)
-+ The stage width (and intervals) of the last page become the same as those of the previous page.
+ The size of tremolo notes of the staff notation is improved.
+ The position of half note’s dot.
+  The inclination of the latter glissando mark when split.
+ The initial positions of rehearsal marks.

JapoScoreV.4.7.7 (2024/2/15)
+ Title area can be located at the top of the first stage by checking [First Stage Top] in [Title Area] of Page dialog. Please move title texts maually to desired positions.
+ Other minor improvements.

JapoScoreV.4.7.6 (2024/2/5)
Caution: JapoScoreStaff10.ttf is updated. Please reinstall the JapoScoreStaff10.ttf (in the install folder).
+ “Viw Recent Files..” command is added. It lists recent files’s icons. Click a file icon to open.
+ “View Samples…” command is added. It lists recent files’s icons. Click a file icon to open.
– Beam rendering of Sangen_Ymada.

JapoScoreV.4.7.5 (2024/1/21)
Caution: JapoScoreStaff09.ttf is updated. Please reinstall the JapoScoreStaff09.ttf (in the install folder).
+ A new font (Shinobue_Fukuhara) is added.
+ All three fonts of Shinobue (Shinobue_Numeri, Shinobue_Kanji, Shinobue_Fukuhara) can be output to lyrics.
+ Ending number is improved.
+ Kinko_Semi font is added for Kinko notatios.
+ Repeated sukui and hajiki are not rendered with repeated marks.

JapoScoreV.4.7.4 (2024/1/4)
+ Tie segment when split by stage break.
+ Glissand symbol improvement.
+ Note font shape centering.
– Font file version up for Windows: from JapoScoreStaff07.ttf to JapoScoreStaff08.ttf.
   (Font re-installation is needed for related commands work correctly.)
– Output note name to lyrics command.
– Barline repeat forward mark.

JapoScoreV.4.7.3 (2023/12/31)
+ The sizes of temo, measure number, and ending symbols and the with of bar lines are now proportional to the largest font size among those in all parts.
+ The width of beams and intervals are now proportional to the font size of the part.
– Adding a scale directive now does not open the scale editing dialog to avoid some problems. Please open the the scale editing dialog to edit it.

JapoScoreV.4.7.2 (2023/12/24)
– Measure layout: wrong fixed number of measures per stage
+ Tuning of widths of measure bars
+ Added (independent) setting for the width of measure bars
+ Other minor improvements

JapoScoreV.4.7.1 (2023/12/21)
+ Added notation for Flauto Traverso
– Part name
+ Measure bar line thickness and the interval between double lines
+ The position of the top note in measures
+ Centering of Koto notes in their rectangle regions

JapoScoreV.4.7.0 (2023/12/13)
+ Part settting dialog now has scroll bars.

JapoScoreV.4.6.9 (2023/12/5)
+ Part position can be moved (from Part setting dialog).
+ Beams of grace notes are synchronously moved as the grace note are moved.
(Followings are for Koto Seiha only)
+ “ワ”(ChirashiZume) symbol
+ Two symbols for SuriZume
+ Slant line on beams of grace note
+ Harmonic is rendered as “8”.
+ Pitch bend symobls “BarOsu+”,”BarOsu++”, and “BarOsu++”
+ Note name “KinUraren” is changed to”KinWhite”
+ Note fonts consisting of vertical “1” are changed to italic “1” to avoid confusion with bar line.

JapoScoreV.4.6.8 (2023/11/29)
+ Output control of “whole rest line”
If measures of between succesive line brekes consist of only whole rests, such a part is not output.
– File drop open (Windows versiion)
– Koto seiha beam line position

JapoScoreV.4.6.7 (2023/11/8)
+ Move Lyrics (near the notes) command
+ “Only Notes” option for note name output control
+ Reset articulation positions command
+ Reset lyric poistions command
+ Text default postion setting
+ Other minor improvements
+ Update of the Handbook

JapoScoreV.4.6.6 (2023/10/6)
+ A beam line between Chord notes and an adjacent rest note is also automatically generated (if they are fall in certain beat boundary conditions).
+ A forward repeat bar line of a measure is drawn after the time signature by default. A check box is added in the page setting dialog for changing the position (before or after).
+ Delete Lyrics tool command can now target all parts and all lyrics.
+ 5 “Oshi” (pitch bend) symbols are added to the note directives for Koto notations.

JapoScoreV.4.6.5 (2023/9/6)
+ Added switch for displaying the time signature only on the first part
+ Enlarged time signature symbol for not staff notation part
+ Metronome number position improvement
+ Dot position improvement (for staff notation)
+ Added symbole “ワ” for Koto Seiha Waren
+ Improved font sizes for Koto Seiha

JapoScoreV.4.6.4 (2023/8/30)
+ Improved positioning of the fingering numbers on a chord notes.
+ Added outlined “Kin” font for Koto_Seiha, which is used for the UraRen technique.
– Wrong convertion of tie stop notes crossing measure boundary (Koto_Seiha).
+ More even note intervals in staff notation.

JapoScoreV.4.6.3 (2023/8/14)
+ For Koto_Ikuta(and Koto_Seiha), symbols “ユ”(Yuri), “ス”(Sukui), “ツ”(Tsukiiro), and “ア” can be added to notes by note-dicrective commands.

JapoScoreV.4.6.2 (2023/8/9)
+ Koto_Seiha finering positions.
+ Koto_Seiha finering mark sizes.
+ Koto_Seiha beam positions.

JapoScoreV.4.6.1 (2023/8/5)
+ For Koto_Seiha, new font files are added. Using these font files, “Oshi” notes are represented as note names with x-like marks to the left of notes.
   Font file names are Koto_Brush_Seiha and Koto_Brush_Callig_Seiha.
+ Fingering numbers for Koto_Seiha are shown as ‘(for 2), ”(for 3), and ”'(for 4).
+ In Koto_Seiha, repeated notes now do not use repeat marks.
– Koto Seiha beame order.
– Commands issued from the context menu does not process multiple notes (fixed).

JapoScoreV.4.6.0 (2023/7/31)
+ Staff notation functions
+ Tool “output note names to lyrics”.
+ Tool “insert staff notation part”
+ The width of cresc. and decresc. are now narrower.
– The move of cresc. and decresc.
– The movement of Texted line (such as cresc.——-)
+ Hand book is edited to be compliant with version 4.6.0.

JapoScoreV.4.5.3 (2023/7/24)
– Order of beams in horizontal writing is reversed (V.4.5.2 only) (fixed).

JapoScoreV.4.5.2 (2023/7/21)
+ Beams of Koto Seiha are drawn in reverse order (that is 32nd > 16th > 8th beams in vertical writing).
– Some of moved elements (D.S., Finale, etc.) are reset to original positions when ImportUpdate command is executed (fixed).
– Other bug fixes.

JapoScoreV.4.5.1 (2023/6/22)
– Fingering move command.
+ When importing a musicxml file which is not created by MusicScore, a warning message is output. In this case, Plese remake musicxml file using MuseScore (importing and exporting the original file).

JapoScoreV.4.5.0 (2023/6/12)
– Import MusicXML commands aborts (when Layout controller dialog is opened). Fixed.

JapoScoreV.4.4.9 (2023/5/17)
+ Measure direction can be changed from the layout controller.
– “Import New” has a problem in assigning scales (V4.4.7, 4.4.8 only) (fixed).

JapoScoreV.4.4.8 (2023/5/16)
+ The slider for “Note size uniformity” is now controllabe by dragging the slider handle.
– Segno mark is not displayed in horizontal writing (fixed).

JapoScoreV.4.4.7 (2023/5/13)
+ Style setting dialog now has scroll bars (when contents is larger than the area).
+ For koto, “ケ”(Kesu) can be added from a note directive command.
+ Accent symbole in vertical writing is horizontally shown.
+ Sample files are revised.
+ For koto scales, “Doremi C” and “Doremi17 C3” are added to the scale templates.

JapoScoreV.4.4.6 (2023/4/25)
– Display of rehearsal marks for Mac.

JapoScoreV.4.4.5 (2023/4/21)
– Display style of rehearsal marks is changed.
– and many other improvement and bug fixes.

JapoScoreV.4.3.6 (2022/12/15)
– “drawing line while the same fingering continues” has a problem (fixed).

JapoScoreV.4.3.5 (2022/12/15)
+ In Style setting dialog, a check box for “drawing line while the same fingering continues” is added. If switched off, fingering numbers are displayed instead of a trailing line.

JapoScoreV.4.3.4 (2022/12/6)
– Fingerings are not displayed. (4.3.0 and later, fixed.)
– Display position in horizontal direction. (4.3.0 and later, fixed.)

JapoScoreV.4.3.3 (2022/12/1)
– 箏のピチカートの丸囲い線が表示されない問題を解決(4.2.8以降の問題)。

JapoScoreV.4.3.3 (2022/12/1)
– Round circles around pizzicato notes are not displayed (degraded in version 4.2.8, fixed).

JapoScoreV.4.3.2 (2022/11/23)
– Long rests display position (fixed).

JapoScoreV.4.3.1 (2022/11/21)
– The display position of the time signature of measures is wrong(degraded in 4.2.8) (fixed).
– Koto_Ikuta, the conversion from the lyrics texts had a problem (fixed).

JapoScoreV.4.3.0 (2022/11/18)
– Aborts.(downgraded in4.2.9)fixed.
– Dotted quarter rest for Sangen_Ikuta and Koto_Ikuta now shows a triangle mark for the dot.

JapoScoreV.4.2.9 (2022/11/15)
+ The style of the time signature is changed. They are displayed in each part.
– “Draw line between lyrics” stops the program in rare cases (fixed).
The deault switch for the “Draw line between lyrics” is OFF.

JapoScoreV.4.2.8 (2022/11/1)
+ A newly invented shakuhachi notation style “Tozan_Simple” is supported. It is the same as “Kinko_Simple”, except it uses Tozan note names.
– Tie position problem in horizontal direction (fixed).

JapoScoreV.4.2.7 (2022/10/10)
– Beams (for Tozan, and Kinko_simple) between successive notes are not separated when measure lengths become small (fixed).
+ Bold font for Sange_Ikuta (“Sangen_Bold”) is added.
+ Bold font for Doremi (“Doremi_Katakana_Bold”) is added.
+ Alphabetical font for Doremi (“Doremi_Alphabetic”) is added.

JapoScoreV.4.2.6 (2022/10/7)
+ The lengths of Tremolo line and Trill line can be changed.
+ Stretch and Shorten commands applies to measures, tremolo lines, and trill lines. Commands are:
Stretch (a little)
Shorten (a little)
– In Koto, if a note in chord notes is with a pizzicato, the conversion to a repeat mark is not correctly done (fixed).
+ In Koto, chord notes can be forcifully converted to a repeat mark by changing the base note name to “Prev” as in the way for non-chord notes.

JapoScoreV.4.2.5 (2022/8/17)
+ Measure/Page setting dialog is made smaller in size by splitting Measure and Page panes and asigned to separate tabs.

JapoScoreV.4.2.4 (2022/8/7)
+ Repeated fingering numbers on notes now produces trailing lines, for example, “3 3 3 3” for succesive notes are rendered as “3——-” on JapoScore. The older method (for example, “3 — — –“) still produces the same effect, but its MusicXML data may be ignored by other editing software except for MuseScore when imported.

JapoScoreV.4.2.3 (2022/7/11)
+ Lines are now automatically drawn between lyrics by checking “Draw line between lyrics (the default is ON)” from the style setting dialog. You do not need to add “ー” to every lyrics. This function is very useful for lyrics in Japanese. A line stops before the next lyric, rest note and breath mark.
For lyrics in Englisth and other western languages, check off “Draw line between lyrics”.
– In Koto_Ikuta Half note starting at 8th boundary.

JapoScoreV.4.2.2 (2022/7/11)
– In the koto notatation, double dotted notes are incorrectly rendered in some cases.
– If a measure ends with double bar line, the last note of the measure overlaps with the double bar line.
– Tie mark position by default is not at the correct position。

JapoScoreV.4.2.1 (2022/7/3)
– In Tozan notation, spacers are inserted to avoid beam crossovers between grace and non-grace notes. The size of spacer can be changed from style settings dialog.
+ Quarter note size is now 0.92 by default (formely 1.0) to lessen beam crossover.

JapoScoreV.4.2.0 (2022/7/2)
– In Tozan notation, beam lines for 3-tuplet notes for two quarters cross over (not separated).
– Moving a trill line causes a program stop.
+ Start and stop locations for tuplet symbols and slur symbols are changed.
+ Tied notes representations for Doremi and Koto Seiha notations are improved.

JapoScoreV.4.1.9 (2022/6/9)
– Line breaks, page breaks, and white pages are inserted to the wrong measure in some cases.
+ U for kinko rather than ChiMeri is now the default.
+ Use of a bar line for a tie stop note is now the fefalut.

JapoScoreV.4.1.8 (2022/5/31)
+ New directives ZooLeft and ZooRight are added.
– Selecting a line for moving sometimes fails (fixed).
– Long repeat of repeated chord notes causes erase of notes (fixed).
+ Crescendo and Decrescendo in a long repeat are visible by default.
+ One character text is always horizontally rendered.
– The page text (with page number) is horizontally cetered in each page.
+ When importing a template, the page text is excluded from importing.
+ A whole rest in a measure with an n/8th beat is rendered with a set of koto rest marks for koto (rather than with a western notation whole rest mark).
+ In tozan, the slant line on the 8th note beam line is made a little longer.

JapoScoreV.4.1.7 (2022/4/15)
+ Lengths of Tremolo lines.
+ Texts and Dyamics after the laset note in a measure (produced by Finale?) are now correctly handled.
+ Scale input ui improvement.
+ Slurs without starting points (produced by Finale?) are positioned outside the page area.

JapoScoreV.4.1.6 (2022/4/4)
– (Mac version only)Articulations are not generated (only in version 4.1.5).

JapoScoreV.4.1.5 (2022/3/29)
+ The shape of the trill line is changed to the same shape as used in MuseScore.
+ The shape of tremolo is changed to the same shape as the trill line.
– Koto’s note extension marks (for 2/2, 3/2 beat measures).

JapoScoreV.4.1.4 (2022/3/23)
+ Note directives of “Scoop” and “Fall” are added for shakuhachi notations.
– Moving line and splitting (fixed).

JapoScoreV.4.1.3 (2022/3/22)
– Fingering numbers are not displayed.(Only in V.4.1.1 and V4.1.2, fixed)

JapoScoreV.4.1.2 (2022/3/22)
+ Sangen_Ikuta’s usable highest note is now the name “3-29” in the third higher register of the the third string.
+- The alignment of notes in time direction is now done in 64th note resolution (formerly done in 32nd note resolution), which improved the alignment of 32nd notes.
Caution: The time alignment of notes may be rendered differently in the new version. If so, try adusting the uniformity value in size/time (in Layout controller).

JapoScoreV.4.1.1 (2022/3/9)
-+ Moving of some composite items such as Tempo (Metronome), Crescendo/Decrescendo, Fingering, and Line sometimes fails (i.e. not moved) (fixed.)
(Because this problem seems to be due to a Qt library’s problem, the processing method is changed for those composite elements, which resulted in somewhat inconsistent user interfaces for moving items.)

JapoScoreV.4.1.0 (2022/3/4)
– Dragging a fingering text with a line (fixed).

JapoScoreV.4.0.9 (2022/2/25)
+ Two kinds of long repeat marks (Step Up/ Step Down) are added. They are useful to replace koto’s arpeggio-like stepping up or down notes with a Step up or Down symbol.
+ Goto Measure command is added. You can move to the measure with the specified measure number. The measure become visible in the window and is selected.
+ Tempo (Metronome) symbols are revised to display the half note symobl correctly. Caution: Selecting them sometimes fails. Please try hitting different positions.
+ Tuplet symbols are now displayed even in the long repeat marks.
+ Multiple notes can be selected and a directive is added to selected notes.
– Mouse operations in the Navigator window sometimes cause program stops (fixed).

JapoScoreV.4.0.8 (2022/2/18)
+ In Koto notations, the repeat mark “ゝ” is not used if the note is preceded by a rest.
+ In Sange notations, the repeat mark “ゝ” is proccessed as in the same way as in Koto notations.
+ In Koto and Sangen notations, changing the note name to “Prev” (previous) results in the repeat mark “ゝ”.
– In Koto, conversion to “ゝ” did not work (fixed).

JapoScoreV.4.0.7 (2022/2/15)
+ Font for texts of any items can be set from the Style dialog.
Items with texts are grouped to following two groups and their font properties can be se independently.
Note text, rehearsal mark, line’s text (the same as Text Font button in former versions)
Part name, measure number, page number/text (Newly added button)
JapoScoreV.4.0.6 (2022/2/10)
+ Fingering’s trailing lines now continue to notes on next measures.
– Crescendo’s offset value is reset by importUpdate command (fixed).
– Page text is not initialized (fixed).
+ Windows version’s default text font is changed from “Yu Gothic” to “MS Mincho”.
(A command for setting default text font is planned to be provided.)

JapoScoreV.4.0.5 (2022/2/3)
+ Percusssion as a notation style is supported.
Every non-rest note is rendered as ●(voice 1), X(voice 2), ■(voice3), or ▲(voice 4).
 Rest is rendered as ◯.
Rythm representation is the same as that of KinkoSimple, Fue, or KotoSeiha.
 MuseScore’s percussion notation can be accepted, however, its detailed representations are ignored.
+ SangenYamada notation is added. Sukui and Hajiki instructions are the same as for SangenIkuta.
Scale directives are not neccessary for SangenYamada, because the note names specify pitches, not positions.
+ Mouse pointer shape changes from Hand to Arrow when the mouse pointer hovers over selectable items, making it easier to select smaller items.

JapoScoreV.4.0.4 (2021/1/24)
+ Scale data for Koto and Sangen(Shamisen) can be read from MusicXML file. Sample file “ScaleTemplates.musicxml” is included in the download file.
+ Lyric’s trailing line now stops at note’s breath mark if the note has a breath mark.
+ Shamisen Bunka’s note positions are tuned.
+ Sample files “SakuraSangenIkuta” and “SakuraSangenBunka” are revised. They use Lyric’s trailing lines.
+ When a scale or transpose directive is added to a note, Scale Edit dialog or Transpose Edit dialog opens.
– Setting a slur to invisible erases it (rather than rendering it grey) in horizontal writing (fixed).
– Import/Export dialog does not pop up (fixed).

JapoScoreV.4.0.3 (2021/1/17)
– Import/Export dialog will not show the second time to open (downgraded in V.4.0.2).
If you installed V.4.0.2, you MUST replace it with V.4.0.3 (sorry!).
– Lyrics trailing line is not generated at the last note of a part (fixed).

JapoScoreV.4.0.2 (2021/1/16)
+ Import New command now requests you (rather than generating a score with default settings):
to set part settings, and
to edit the scale (tuning table) for koto or sangen parts.
– Problem in treating non-displayed bar lines are solved.
 + Key asigns for Stretch and Shorten Measure commands are changed to cmd+[ and cmd+].

JapoScoreV.3.9.11 (macOS 3.13.x High Sierra 用) (2022/1/16)
– JapoScoreV.3.9.12 and later versions cannot run on macOS 3.14.x Mojave. JapoScoreV.3.9.11 is made downloadable for Mojave users.

JapoScoreV.4.0.1 (2021/12/26)
+ If the type of a vertical line of a measure is “tick” or “short” (MuseScore names), it is not rendered on JapoScore. The time signature is not displayed for these measures.

JapoScoreV.4.0.0 (2021/12/23)
– Thiry second notes are not positioned correctly (fixed).
– Scores containing tremolo notes cause program stop on saving (fixed).
+ Sample and template files are revised.

JapoScoreV.3.9.13 (2021/12/17)
– For Koto notation, a pizzicato circle is not correctly drawn for a grace note. Fixed.
+ Initial values are changed so as to produce a similar score as the sample file Haru-No-Umi.

JapoScoreV.3.9.12 (2021/10/12)
+ If a lyrics ends with “ー”(two-byte character), JapoScore generates a line from the lyrics to the next lyrics (or the next note).

+ High key note names are added to Sange_Ikuta notation.
+ At starting JapoScore, you will be asked whether you want to delete auto-saved files if any. “Yes” opens auto-saved files and “No” deletes them.
+ Qt libray is updated from Qt5 to Qt6.

JapoScoreV.3.9.11 (2021/7/21)
– In Kinko style, tuplet notes are dotted wrongly (fixed). Only the tuplet starting note is dotted with white and black dots correspoing to the total duration of whole tuplet notes.
– In Tozan and Kinko-Simple, separate beams merge (zero clearence) when note font size is quite large. This situation is now alleviated by a spacer item inserted between adjacent separate beams. The size of spacer can be changed from Style dialog. If you are happy with more smaller note font size, setting it smaller is the easiest solution.

JapoScoreV.3.9.10 (2021/7/20)
+ Tie symbol is made longer to avoid shortening too much (when note interval is small).
– In Kinko style, tuplet starting note has too many black dots (fixed).
+ Some default values are changed (note font size and note intervals).

JapoScoreV.3.9.9 (2021/7/3)
+ Refresh Clean command is addes. It displays the score without red directive control symbols and invisible grey item symbols. The resulting display is equivalent to the exported PDF. To return to the normal display with control and grey symbols, just enter Refresh command.
– A problem in moving crescendo/decrescendo is fixed.

JapoScoreV.3.9.8 (2021/7/2)
– A bug in tuplet style settings is fixed.

JapoScoreV.3.9.7 (2021/7/2)
+ Text, slur, ornament, crescendo/decrescendo, and line’s visibility can be set to {Default|Visible|Invisible}. Default is automatic (for example, slurs are made invisible in long repeat intervals).

JapoScoreV.3.9.6 (2021/6/27)
+ Automatic saving of score files is added. Scores on the JapoScore are auto-saved every 60 seconds (if updated). If JapoScore aborted unfortunately, auto-saved files are automatically opened at restarting JapoScore. Please save them if neccessary. They are removed upon closing them.
+ Default position offset for dynamics symbols can be set from the Style dialog.
+ Default position offset for crescendo and decrescendo symbols can be set from the Style dialog.
+ Glissando symbol shape is changed.
+ Fine tuning of default positions.

JapoScoreV.3.9.5 (2021/6/20)
– Right-clicking of a fingering causes program stop (fixed.)
– Fingering is not displayed for a (non-chord) note with a repeat mark.

JapoScoreV.3.9.4 (2021/6/18)
+ Movable elements can be moved by depressing arrow (right, left, up, down) keys. They are moved a small distance at a time.
+ Tuplets can be placed at the other side of notes by setting a style value.
+ Visibility of a articulation (accent, staccato, etc.) can be set to either Default/Visible/Invisible. Articulations of note in a Long Repeat becomes invisible if those articulations’ visibilities are Default (as before). They can be made visible by setting them to Visible. Invisible articulations are rendered as gray.
+ Two frequently-used direcitves (Inhibit Repeat mark and Insert Long Repeat 1) are added to the context menu shown by right-clicking a note.
+ Grace note positioning is improved.
+ Fingering is now not displayed for a Repeat mark of a chord.
+ Tempo mark size is proportional to the text size to be set by style (not part 1’s font size).
– Text font of a score newly imported is not default (fixed.)
+ Lines are rendered even if they are in Long repeat.
+ Osu and Hanasu symbols are made a littel bigger.
JapoScoreV.3.9.3 (2021/6/3)
– In Koto style, repeated same notes are not rendered with “Repeat” marks (fixed). This problem exists only in 3.9.2.

JapoScoreV.3.9.2 (2021/5/30)
+ Chinese UI language is added (with help from chinese contributors).
+ Tie position is now selectable (top or bottom for horizontal writing, or right or vertical writing) from Style dialog.
– Problems with long rests are fixed.
+ For Kinko, repeat marks are not used for consecutive notes of same names but Kan/Otsu are different.
+ Note layout for Kinko is improved.

JapoScoreV.3.9.1 (2021/5/9)
– In ImportImitate command, some of part values are not imitated.
+ Grace note positions in Kinko Style are tuned.
+ In KinkoTrad, repeat symbols are not used for notes after breath marks.
– In KinkoTrad, beams in measures with multiple voices are not correctly drawn.
+ In KinkoTrad, note names Ha (Bb pitch) and Hara are added.
+ Tie marks length is made a bit longer.

JapoScoreV.3.9.0 (2021/3/29)
– Texts dissappear in the Dark Mode of Mac OS (fixed). (Tested on Mojave 10.14.6)
+ The backgroud color of directive items on the pallete will become orange when hovered by the mouse pointer.

JapoScoreV.3.8.9 (2021/3/24)
– 8th note at tie end cannot be selected (fixed).
– Long repeat including repeat marks inside does not work (fixed).
– Nesting long repeats does not work and now inhibited.
– Note name “Repeat” cannot be used anymore for Koto notations. Notes named “Repeat” are shown with their default names. Please use “Long Repeat” directive to get the same effect.

JapoScoreV.3.8.6 (2021/2/19)
– Program sometimes stops in processing crescendos or decrescendos (fixed).
 (A bug in versions 3.8.1 to 3.8.5. Please upgrace to the version 3.8.6.)

JapoScoreV.3.8.5 (2021/2/16)
+ Font for texts of notes now can be changed indivisually.
+ Directions (horizontally or vertically fixed) of note and credit texts (tile, composer, ..) can be set indivisually.
+ Note texts inside long repeat marks are now visible.
JapoScoreV.3.8.4 (2021/2/6)
+ Specification for Change Note from Lyrics command is changed.
+ Note offset is applied to 16th and shorter notes with smaller values than set value.
+ Font sizes of Koto’s rest and extension fonts are enlarged.
– Fix of deleting lyrics command.
– Fix of exporting staff note command.
JapoScoreV.3.8.3 (2021/3/3)
+ JapoScoreStaff07.ttf is revised. Please re-install this font on your machine. This font is neccessary for displaying JapoScore note fonts in the lyrics (exported as note names from JapoScore).
– Position of 32nd note for Koto and Sangen.
– Display size of fingerings.
– Staff note output of grace notes at the end of a measure.
JapoScoreV.3.8.2 (2021/1/26)
+ Export Template, Import Template, and Importe Standard Template commands are added.
A Template is a set of Part, Measure/Page, and Style settings, which can be exported and imported.
When you import a template file, Part, Measure/Page, and Style settings are applied to the current score. Import Standard Temple command imports one of prdefined template files. File extension of a template file is “*.sstx”.
+ Syllabic lines (lines between lyric texts) are drawn.
+ Fingerings texts “中” and “エ” for Sangen can be used.
+ Sample files are updated.
– Export and Import Style commands are abolished.
+ Other minor improvements.

JapoScoreV.3.8.1 (2021/1/15)
+ Two long repeat patters (Beat1 and Beat2) are added.
+ In long repeat intervals, all kind of elements attached to notes become invisible. Elements having start and end positions like slurs become invisible if either of start and end points is inside the long repeat interval.
+ “Delete Lyrics” option is added to “Change note names and change pitches from lyrics” command.
+ “Delete Lyrics” command is added (Tool command).
– Trill with wavy line aborts for multi voices (fixed).
– Page numbering is corrected for a score with cover page(s).

JapoScoreV.3.8.0 (2021/1/7)
+ In Part Setting dialog, [Set to All Parts] button is added. You can set the same values of time alignment switch, note widths for note durations, and not interval to all parts.
+ Note font shapes of Koto are improved.

JapoScoreV.3.7.9 (2021/1/5)
+ Notes can be made invisible from the note directive of Invisible (in Attribute category).
+ Inserted line break, page break, and white page cause fitting of the stage measures to the page height or width by default. You can set them not to be fitted. To do so, select the break mark, then right click and select Change Fitting in the menu.
+ Page text is displayed in front of each page number. Page text can be input and edited from Measure/Page dialog’s Page Number panel.
+ Header Page feature is changed as follows:
Header Page is just a white page (or pages).
Header Area is displayed in the first score page.
(You can move text elements in the header area to the header page by mouse dragging operation.)
– The file name of imported by Import Update command is not as {old-file-name_update.sscx} (fixed).

JapoScoreV.3.7.8 (2020/12/31 21:15)
– Program aborts in Koto or Sangen notations. This problem occurs only in Version 3.7.7.

JapoScoreV.3.7.7 (2020/12/31)
+ “Create Header Page” option is added on Measure/Page dialog. By checking option, a header page is created at the first page with a maximum size of the page are. If the page is two-facing page type (such as B4x2), 2 pages are inserted at the beginning. the 2nd page becomes the header page.
+ Header area width is now controllable from Layout Controller panel.

JapoScoreV.3.7.6 (2020/12/30)
+ Scaling of the note size in a chord is changed so as to avoid scaling down of other notes in the measure.
+ Repeat mark is used even if successive same notes contain rests in between (only for Koto and Sangen).
– Note size calculation in Koto and Sangen notations.
– Stage gap calculation.
+ Other minor improvements.

JapoScoreV.3.7.5 (2020/12/29)
– In Koto and Sangen notations, an extension mark of a 8th note at 16th time boundary is not displayed (fixed).

JapoScoreV.3.7.4 (2020/12/27)
+ Note Offset, which shifts note positions in the time-direction, is now available. You can change the shift value from the Layout Controller or the Style dialog.
+ The last slur segment (when divided by stage breaks etc.) is now movable independently.
+ Fingering trailing line passing measure boundary can now be processed.
– Impovement of Repeat mark processing for Koto and Sangen.
– Impovement of extension mark processing for Koto and Sangen.
+ Impovement of “Ri” font shape for Tozan.

JapoScoreV.3.7.3 (2020/12/19)
+ 箏、三絃の和音のピチカートは隣合うノートはまとめて囲って表示するよう変更しました。

JapoScoreV.3.7.2 (2020/12/16)
– Fingering data is not imported by Import Update command (fixed).

JapoScoreV.3.7.1 (2020/11/29)
+ “Change Note Names and Pitches from Lyrics” tool command is supported for Koto and Sangen notations. This command changes note names to ones denoted in the lyrics. Pitches are also changed accordingly. This command may be useful when you want to input existing Koto or Sangen scores and make JapoScore scores as well as preaparing scores in staff note.
For more detail, please refer to .
+ Handbook is revised to be compliant with the latest JapoScore version (V.3.7.1).
– On processing an illegal slur data (start and stop note voices are different), starange shape is displayed (fixed). The illegal slur is not rendered.

JapoScoreV.3.7.0 (2020/11/20)
+ Import MusicXML Update command is changed as below.
Old: Compares the old with new measure. If they are exactly same, the old measure is not replaced. If not (different), the old measure is replaced with the new measure. Directives on the old measure is not copied to the new measure.
New: Comparison between the old and new measure is not done. All the new measure is imported and directives and other layout data on the active score is mapped to new measures and elements. As a result, imported score will have directive and other data of the current score. The mapping is done in the order of elements (parts, measures, notes, directions,….) Note: If the orders of element sequence do not correspond each other, wrong mapping will be made.
– Export MusicXML (ALL) command is deleted.
 This command became less useful because of the new mport MusicXML Update command by which repaced measures do not lose directive and other data.
+ New Import/Export MusicXML dialog:

– Lenght 0 tuplet (illegal musicxml data) now does not stop JapoScore’s running.

JapoScoreV.3.6.0 (2020/10/26)
+ Part alignment in time can now be switched on and off for each part independently from the part setting dialog.
+ Note widths and intervals for note durations can now be set for each part independently from the part setting dialog. A common note interval is now used for all durations of notes.
– Pizzicato delete operation’s undo.
– Tuple position control in style setting for horizontal writing.
– Lyrics positions in Shamisen-Bunaka.
– Breath mark positioning.
+ Slider display for uniformity value (in Layout controller).
+ Several others.

JapoScoreV.3.5.7 (2020/9/29)
– The shape of Sangen_Ikuta is changed. A “ス” symbol for Sukui is now placed on the right side of a note name instead of on the left side of a note name.

JapoScoreV.3.5.6 (2020/8/13)
– Center position of chord notes in Koto_Ikuta is not aligned to the center (fixed).
JapoScoreV.3.5.5 (2020/7/21)
+ The font shape for Tozan RoKari is changed (カロ).

+ Another font shape for Tozan “I” (“I2”) is added.

JapoScoreV.3.5.4 (2020/6/11)
– Export MusicXML or Import Update command changes text data (“1” is added to each text) (degraded in version 3.5.3).
(To restore a file with such texts, do Import MusicXML or Import MusicXML Update. Sorry!)

JapoScoreV.3.5.3 (2020/5/30)
+ Notes for the heighest register (up to C7) for Sangen_Ikuta and Shamisen_Bunka are now converted.
+ Spaces in texts will have halfwidth lengths in vertical writing.
+ Default text font is now “Yu Gothic”(Windows) or “YuGothic”(Mac).
– Kan/Otsu position and directive position for a tremolo stop note is incorrect (fixed).
JapoScoreV.3.5.2 (2020/5/19)
– Illustrator displays some elements with too thick lines in the svg files exported by JapoScore (fixed).

JapoScoreV.3.5.1 (2020/5/19)
+- Positions of tuplets are improved and aligned.
– Beam positions for Koto_Seiha.

JapoScoreV.3.5.0 (2020/5/4)
– A dot for 8th rest note is not shown (fixed).

JapoScoreV.3.4.9 (2020/4/29)
– A musicxml file containing repeated chord notes may cause JapoScore to abort when the file converted to Koto notations.
 (A bug only in V.3.4.7 and V3.4.8.)

JapoScoreV.3.4.8 (2020/4/25)
+ When aligned in time, you can tune the uniformity in time and size of notes in each measure. “Uniformity in Time” means intervals between long and short hands (even if they are invisible) become equal. On the other hand, “Uniformity in Size” means the size of notes are not scaled down and intervals between long and short hands become non-uniform. You can set the best tradeoff point between two extremes.
– If grace notes are at the end of a measure, they are not properly scaled to fit in (fixed).

JapoScoreV.3.4.7 (2020/4/21)
+ Long Repeat is improved.
* A long repeat which spans over two concsecutive measures can be input.
* Symbol size is re-tuned.
– Intervals between Long and short hands interval become irregular in some cases (fixed).

JapoScoreV.3.4.6 (2020/4/16)
+ For chord notes, Kan and Otsu Symbols are displayed on every note within a chord (formally on the base note only). Pitch comparizons are done between the same level (counted from the base note) notes of two chords successive in the time direction.

JapoScoreV.3.4.5 (2020/4/15)
+ Gaps between notes within a chord can now be adjusted.
+ Gaps between voices can now be adjusted.
+ Layout Cotroller now includes above functions and is re-configured.
+ For shakuhachi and shinobue, chord notes are now positioned to the voice center (formally aligned to the right).
+ For Koto_Ikuta and Sangen_Ikuta, 8th tie stops and extensions which are at the quarter boundaries can be made invisible (by the style option).
+ A default for Shakuhachi notes “Ta” and “HaSan” can be set (from a style option).
– Kinko_Brush font is corrected to display black and white beat dots.
– Checking off all part outpu is inhibited (to avoid a bug).
– Some other bug fixes.

JapoScoreV.3.4.4 (2020/3/31)
+ Improvements of staff note output.
(You need install staff note fonts to use this feature.)
 + Rest output (for Kinko_Simple, Shinobue, and Koto_Seiha).
 + Beams of note durations (for Kinko_Simple, Shinobue, and Koto_Seiha).
 + Breath and Tremolo symbols.
 + Font shape improvements.
+ Specifying default note names (‘U’ vs ‘ChiMeri Otsu’).

JapoScoreV.3.4.2 (2020/3/23)
– Kan/Otsu labeling bugs (degraded in version 3.3.0) are fixed. 

JapoScoreV.3.4.0 (2020/3/21)
– Tie stop notes cannot be selected (fixed).
+ Windows version is now 64-bit executable (former versions are 32-bit).

JapoScoreV.3.3.9 (2020/3/10)
– Kan/Otsu labeling bugs are fixed. (Kan HiMeri to Otsu HiMeri and others.)

JapoScoreV.3.3.8 (2020/2/22)
– JapoScore stops with illegal data of crescendo/decrescendo. Now JapoScore avoid aborting with such type of data (which is MuseScore-exported data after MuseScore imported Finale-exported data.)

JapoScoreV.3.3.7 (2020/2/17)
+ JapoScore stops with illegal musicxml data exported by KAWAI ScoreMaker (fixed).
– If a long rest measure is at the end of stage, next stage lacks the page number and etc.

JapoScoreV.3.3.6 (2020/2/16)
+ JapoScore stops with illegal musicxml data exported by KAWAI ScoreMaker (fixed).
– The position of the number of long rest measure is tuned.

JapoScoreV.3.3.5 (2020/2/16)
+ JapoScore stops with illegal musicxml data exported by KAWAI ScoreMaker (fixed).

JapoScoreV.3.3.4 (2020/2/14)
– Exporting scores with staff notes aborts in some cases (fixed).

JapoScoreV.3.3.3 (2020/2/12)
+ “Doremi” notation style is supported.
Notes of 7 octaves are rendered.
Refer to the sample file (LastRoseOfSummer_Doremi).
Staff notes for Doremi is not exported.
– A bug fix.

JapoScoreV.3.3.2 (2020/2/4)
+ Staff note output is improved. Beams are out put below note names.
Dots are output for Tozan notation.
 You have to reinstall font file (JapoScoreStaff04.ttf) in the fonts folder to use Staff note output feature.
+ Measure repeat mark (%) in MuseScore is supported.
+ Shapes of Kinko’s fonts (Kinko_Simple_Brush and Kinko_Brush) are improved.

JapoScoreV.3.3.1 (2020/2/? planned)
+ The number of measures per stage can be determined so that lengths of measures are proportional to time duration of measures.
+ The size of dynamics (f, ff, mf, etc.) symbols can be changed.
+ and other a couple of improvements.
– Moving of a trill line (wavy line) aborts in some cases.
– “%” (simile mark) (indicating repeted measures) causes disruption (fixed).
“%” is not supported by JapoScore (because MuseScore does not export “%” explicitly). Measures of % become blank measures in JapoScore.

JapoScoreV.3.3.0 (2020/1/21)
+ Multiple items can be moved together.
+ Moved items can be reset to default positions.
+ Measure scale can be reset to 1.0.
+ Otsu symbol can be changed to ‘”‘ (double quote).
+ Slur ititial positions are changed to the opposite side (left) of notes.
Other several improvements.

JapoScoreV.3.2.9 (2020/1/5)
The font file for staff note output is revised. Please reinstall JapoScoreStaff font (delete the old JapoScoreStaff font and open JapoScoreStaff03.ttf file to install new one.)

+ Note name change dialog is revised (the pull down menu is changed to a list menu).
+ Notes for Kinko are added (Fu, To, Ni, Nu, Na,..). They are specific to Yamaka style.
+ Notes for Tozan are added (Ra, Rin, Fu, U, ChiKari).
+ The font file for staff note output is revised to include newly added notes listed above.
The page Know Problems is added.

JapoScoreV.3.2.8 (2019/12/30)
+ Positions of articulations are now exactly aligned.
+ Whole rests in n/8th beat measures in Kinko_Simple and Fue are now represented with quarter rests and dots (instead of western whole rest symbols).
+ Initial positions of tempo symbols are tuned.
– A bug of Kan and Otsu size control by style settings is fixed.
– A bug in moving repeat symbols (D.C., D.S., Segno, Coda, Fine, and To Coda) is fixed.

JapoScoreV.3.2.7 (2019/12/19)
+ 6 variations of long repeats are supported.
+ Tenuto accent(detached-legato) of musicxml is converted.
+ Harmonic of musicxml is converted.
– Import Update bug (slurs are not updated) is fixed.

JapoScoreV.3.2.6 (2019/12/9)
+ Long trill marks (in musicXML) can now be converted.
+ Lines with “~” leading text (in musicXML) can now be converted to wavy lines as long tremolo marks.
+ Positions of slurs’ both ends are tuned.
+ Notes of “Fu”, “Ni”, “To”, “Na” used for Yamakawa style are added for Kinko and Kinko_Simple notations.
– “Lines” (brackets and dashes in musicXML) are not saved.

JapoScoreV.3.2.4 (2019/11/30)
+ Diplay of stage brackets can now be switched on/off from Page Dialog.
+ Start and stop positions of slurs are tuned.
+ Mac SDK and Qt SDK for Mac are updated to latest versions. (Mac OS Catalina is not tested yet.)

JapoScoreV.3.2.3 (2019/11/28)
– Import MusicXML New or Part Dialog aborts (a bug in V.3.2.2).
(If you already installed V.3.2.2, you MUST update it to V.3.2.3, Sorry!)
+ Stage bracket symbols at each stage are shown if the score has multiple parts.

JapoScoreV.3.2.2 (2019/11/27)
+ Import and Export commands are now issued from Import/Export Dialog.
+ Import Update command is split to Import Update All and Import Update Pure. Import Update All command compares all elements including directives (which JapoScore exported) and fingerings. Import Update Pure command does not compare directives and fingerings.
+ Fingering information is now processed by JapoScore. Fingering numbers (1-5) and “–” (which can be input on MuseScore but not on Finale) are treatd. Mulitple “–“s are converted to a line.

JapoScoreV.3.2.0 (2019/11/13)
+ “Line” (solid, dashed, dotted lines with otional brackets at end points) can be displayed.
+ Slurs can now be moved even if they are split among stages by dragging the first slur segment.
+ Crescend and diminuendo can now be moved even if they are split among stages by dragging the first segment.
+ After long rests (8 rest notes), Kan and Otsu mark will be displayed on the note again as if the note is the beginning note.
+ For Tozan, “Kara” note names (“KaraMeri”, “KaraChuMeri”, and “Meri”) are added.
+ Tozan’s Suri Mark (“Tozan Suri”) can be put on notes from Directive menu.
+ Initial (default) positions for various symbols are changed slightly. Caution: Scores saved by older versions will not produce exactly same layout.

JapoScoreV.3.1.4 (2019/10/27)
– A tempo symbol in “Note = Note” style is not displayed and causes program stop when saving.
– Breath and inserted symbols after a repeat symbol are not displayed.
+ Refresh display command is added.
+ Split slurs are now movable.
+ Split crescendo and decrescendo are now movable.
– and other minor bugs.

JapoScoreV.3.1.2 (2019/9/10)
+ Vertical writing for Japanese language is improved. “。” “、” and parentheses such as “()” and “「」” are automatically converted to characters such as “︵︶” and “﹁﹂” which are suitable for vertical writing. (Note: Text beginning with a dot “.” is written vertically if the measure direction is vertical.)
– Repeat marks for successive notes is not displayed when the score direction is horizontal (solved).

JapoScoreV.3.1.0 (2019/6/30)
– “Dark Mode” of MacOS Mojave is now rendered correctly.

JapoScoreV.3.0.9 (2019/6/7)
– Program stops at a tie stop note with tremolo (fixed).

JapoScoreV.3.0.8 (2019/5/28)
– The position of a Tozan small note is corrected.

JapoScoreV.3.0.7 (2019/5/27)
+ Font file “JapoScoreStaff02.ttf” is updated. Reintall it.
Character hight is smaller than that of the former one.
+ Offset for tremolo symbols is independently changed from Style dialog.
– Size of articulation symbols (such as fermata) is improved.

JapoScoreV.3.0.6 (2019/5/15)
– Tuplet terminal position is tuned.
– Rehearsal marks, repetition marks, and tempo marks does not disappear even if some of parts are not output.
+ Staff note names for a chord can be layout in reverse order (by style settings).
+ Rest representation for koto and sangen ikuta is improved.
+ Short hands at every 16th time can be displayed (by part settings).

JapoScoreV.3.0.5 (2019/5/7)
– Tuplet position by Style settings
– Arpeggio position after piciccato note
– Slur position change (when multi voiced)
+ A style file (”koto_shamisen_A”) suitable for Koto or Shamisen notations is added.
+ Operation for adding directives is changed to single clicking from double clicking on directive in the menu.

JapoScoreV.3.0.4 (2019/4/30)
– Tozan’s whole note is sometimes wrongly rendered.
+ A new font (Tozan_Feltpen_Circled) for Tozan is added. Flat notes (small notes) are encircled.
+ When this font is selected, this is used for the staff note output.
+ In staff note output for Shamisen Bunka, notnames are displayed at lyric positions corresponding string numbers on shamisen.

JapoScoreV.3.0.3 (2019/4/26)
The font file JapoStaff.ttf is updated. Reinstall it if you use “Export pure MusicXML with Note Names ..” command.
+ Tie Stop note output control for Staff Note output.
+ Improved Scale Setting Dialog.
+ Improved note repetition mark.
+ Several others.